Know Things Related to Sperm Examination

Sperm examination is an examination procedure carried out to analyze the quantity and quality of sperm in men. This procedure is also used to determine the level of male fertility. Sperm are cells produced by male reproductive organs. Sperm contains an enzyme that functions to soften the walls of the egg, so sperm can enter the egg during fertilization. Abnormal sperm will be difficult to reach and penetrate the egg, thus inhibiting the fertilization process. Sperm examination is carried out through laboratory analysts on semen samples that have been taken. This examination generally analyzes several things, including sperm count, structure or shape, movement, acidity (pH), volume, color, and thickness of semen. Indications for Sperm Examination Sperm examination is generally done to identify several conditions, including: Male fertility. Sperm examination is carried out on men or couples suspected of having fertility problems. This test is generally done on couples who have u
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